How come it's so hard to get coverage in the media in the Nordic countries? We get asked that a lot, and it's true, it is harder than say for example the UK, or Germany. The simple explanation is the number of people who live here, 10 million in Sweden, 5,7 in Denmark, 5,5 in Finland and 5,3 in Norway. So compare this to the UK for example....65 million. Now translate this into number of media and you end up with 3-4 main national or regional newspapers, 1 business focused daily, a handful of weeklies and monthlies and in sector media, if you’re lucky, 1 or possibly 2 per market. And there are no media at all covering “how to run your business”.

Most international PR people knows that it can be hard to get coverage in the major national or regional dailies business sections, but in the Nordic region it's equally hard to get coverage trade media because of the vast area they have to cover.

A lot of international companies still have the Nordic markets on their target list, this is after all a very technologically affluent region, people are well off so have money to spend. So is there any point doing PR here at all? Of course there is! Given the smaller number of media to target, it’s not always about the money you have to spend, but the news you have to tell and who tells them.

Our recommendation is to aim for quality not quantity. Think stories with news value and local angles rather than distributing product press releases and the journalists will be happy and you will get coverage that will be seen by many! Give us a call and we can tell you more!