What’s your organisation’s product photo library like? Are you leaving the worrying about the photos to your ad agency or are you, as many are, using generic stock photos? How about portraits of your key spokespeople? Images are often an afterthought when doing PR, be it announcing product news or doing interviews. But a good editorial photo can make a big difference in getting you coverage.

Zumtobel Group, one of the world’s most innovative lighting companies, really understand the power of the image. Not so surprising, as one of their target audiences are architects and designers, very visually sensitive people indeed. Zumtobel’s images are always professional, sometimes even sensational. This gives them coverage not only in design and architectural magazines, but also in your standard trade media. Because everyone loves a good photo!

Photo: Anders Andersson

Photo: Anders Andersson

This image of a red Audi at a dealer in Halmstad, works both for marketing and editorial. Marketing images are sometimes too obvious. This one tells the story so editors are happy. And who wouldn’t want that car!?

Even something as simple (and potentially boring) as a product photo of a new mounting rail system for industrial lighting can be made interesting, one of the reasons why Sweden’s largest electrical magazine Elinstallatören picked up the news about new product range Trinos.